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sammie h! (poetry by sammie h please read)

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the girl you can not get

Image missing.

<green>hi everyone, i am sammie from the planet zorg...................</green>

not really


my names sammie

i live with my fiance in Harrogate, i am a bisexual and if you don;t like that then its simple, do not talk to me, as i don't wish to talk to you.

you are welcome to come chat to me but i don't want perves or people like that messaging me, simples lol.

i am an easy going girl, i'm bubbly and just want the best out of life for me and my fiance

[ please join up]


if your bored??? then come chat

My favourite quote is:
Who’s ever life is coming to an end there will always be a new beginning

[all those who cyber i do not and will not cyber with any guy so if thats your intention just go away]

hiya my names Sammie I’m 19yrs and i live in with my fiancé in Buxton I have and love every single bit of it. Message me and tell me about you.I'm pretty much a down to earth kind of girl. I don't get offended easy...but look out if you DO tick me off!! i'm very outspoken :) l I don't judge others for their beliefs or lifestyle choices... to each their own I say. I love to laugh as much as possible but have a serious side too and passionate about humanitarian issues world wide. I love the great outdoors and enjoy all time spent in the sun especially with a few bubbly drinks and some great friends ;) Summer is a comin!! Woot!!

my dream wedding would be with my fiancé and a normal wedding dress, I don’t care how much is spent on my wedding, as long as I’m married to the one, I wouldn’t care if I got married in a card board box.

my favorite color is baby blue and baby pink.

I’m fun, loving, Caring, Honest, I have a Good sense of humour and a good personality. sisters a photographer and also in the R.A.F

if anyone needs help with Linkmeet then don't hesitate to contact me or to report a wiki or profile then contact the guards



until my birthday

End of the World Countdown

since i was born

my bfs blog

Age: 22Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

Study program: hair and beuty

Student status: Finished

Origin: United Kingdom

Origin place: your

Place of living: bed

Known languages
Sign Language

grungehip hoppop

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: same sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 175

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