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1) You need a good general knowledge of this site. If you can't handle everything about forums, polls, wiki-pages and know the rules, then it's no use to apply yet.
   I know all about this site, from the popular forums to the... not so popular forums. I'm familiar with the wiki system, the polls, all the html, the different types of images, and of course, the rules.

2) You need to be able to read and write English quite well.
   I've spoken it all my life.

3) Your goals with Linkmeet should agree with ours. If you want to go berserk on everyone who looks ugly, then don't apply!
   I haven't seen that many ugly people on here anyway. If chosen, I would be fair and honorable.

4) You should have proven yourself. As written above, you don't need any permission to do most stuff here. Even if you only have created a stupid competition, are running the forum "Medieval fencing" that no one uses and have written a pretty bad report, it's better than someone who just says they can do all this, but never did.
   I've made a stupid competition or two on Elftown.

5) You should explain what you will do as a member of the crew and for how long. Note: We don't want newbies that get all excited by this site for a month and then will get tired of it. Therefore, people who have been for a long time, are generally better.
   I'm on nearly every day of the week. I would do anything asked of me by higher ups, help those in need, and take care of any criminals. I'll do this as long as I'm a member of the crew.

6) You should be able to get along with the sullen ######## in the crew, and have a great patience with people...
   I don't know most of the people in the crew, but from the looks of it, they seem to be pretty likeable people. Especially [hedda]! *not sucking up*

7) You should think this is fun!
   This is fun! It's one of my favorite websites as well.

8) If you can come up with an eighth point, it shows that you have ideas, but we have ideas and a lot of them. The problem is finding people who will do the ideas well.
   Well, I'd certainly like to see an option between a single line output and the current multiline output for the comments, even though that doesn't really pertain to number eight.

   My name is Dee Thomas. I'd like to become a judge one day. I think being on the council would be a lot of fun. And in the words of my friend's brother's friend... "I can make you happy."

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