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Saturday 2005-12-22

Date:   2005-12-22 Saturday
Where:  Alsättersgatan 3A22, Ryd, Linköping, Tüsk jul!

<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010001.jpg> Foggy Ryd
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010005.jpg> Outside Pizzeria Studenten
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010006.jpg> Pizzeria Studenten
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010007.jpg> Tomas
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010008.jpg> Markus and Heikel
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010010.jpg> Jens!
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010011.jpg> [hedda]
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010012.jpg> Christmas-TV and Christmas stereo.
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010013.jpg> Biscuits! Well, and milk and vodka. And for Heikel: Koskenkorva, like most modern vodkas outside of Norway, is nowadays made from corn/grain (barley in Koskenkorva, grain in Absolut and I have no idea if barley and grain is the same thing here...), See
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010014.jpg> Lotta and Tomas are trying to read runes...
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010015.jpg> These runes.
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010016.jpg> Karin was about to start smiling, but has so far only put up her cute bitchy face... ;-)
<img300*0:stuff/jens/p1010017.jpg> Kaiser.

Other photos:
fat (Fattömning on Herrgårn)

See Jens2 and Jens3 for the next years.
And Jens4 for the exöl.

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