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Thoughts about Poker

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0.25$ : part 2

Even though I've been awake far to long to play poker I've now managed to win 2 tournaments with 10 people, come second in one and play up some more money on the lowfixedlimit tables. (I lost two tournaments as well) So at the moment my stack of chips reach up to the encredible ammount of 9.5$

Even though I am well aware that I have won and lost more then ten times that in one singel hand at times I still feel a sence of accomplishment. I have never felt like I'm running the risk of loosing the money since I came up over 2$.

Perhaps one should turn back and play lowlimit every now and then to remind oneself of how to play it safe and grind it out. After all, if you want to make a living of poker you have to know how to do that.


Today I logged in to one of my Poker accounts and found that I had 25 cents there to play with ;) To bad the limit for the lowerlimit table was 50 cents. Instead of inserting money to that account, wich I never do since it's my favourite freeroll account, I transfered the money over to the casinopart of expekt. There I tried my luck at blackjack, since there is a 49% chanse of winning there, and got it up to 70 cent. Those I took back to play some serious low limit holdem (fixed limit with 0,02-0,05 blinds).

What happened next was that I got two full house and one straight in three hands. Within 30 minutes my money had gone from 25 cents to 4,45$.

Those money I'm gonna spend on small tournaments and have fun =)


For those that aren't that used to playing poker it's generally a bad idea to sit down at tables with hugh ammount of cash in front of you. There is a better way of learning though, it is called freerolls.

Freerolls are free poker torunaments. That means that it costs absolutely nothing to enter the tournament and play and you can still win money. How much depends on the tournament and it ranges from 25$ to 7000$ poker cruices in first price. In fact you can play in a free tournament, win your entry to another tournament (where people normally pay money to play) and there win your entry to yet another tournament with even more expencive entry and winning that would get you a trip to Binions Horseshoe Casino adn the World Championship of poker where you can win millions of dollars. So theoretically you can win millions by betting nothing.

Ofcourse you don't have to go all the way to make money. Many tournaments pay money to up to 130 players, though the last ones mostly don't win more then a couple of dollars.

Hey, for a couple of dollars you can play more poker, right?


(in Swedish)
En sak man lär sig tycka väldigt bra om när man spelar poker är dåliga spelare. Något man lär sig avsky är när de vinner om och om igen. Spelade idag i en turnering och hamnade till slut vid ett bord där någon med nicknamet oO_Oo satt. Han spelade väldigt dåligt och höjde i princip alla händer. Han mötte folk som gick all in när han själv hade 4 7 i olika färger....och han vann och vann och vann. Man själv fick börja spela tätare och tätare och många händer man vanligtvis skulle spela fick man lägga bort då man visste att han skulle höja dem. Sedan fick man plocka tillbaka händer när man väl fick de riktigt bra. Tyvärr så fick han mer och mer pengar från de andra spelarna under tiden. Slutligen så åkte jag ut mot en annan spelare men det som störde mig mest var att oO_Oo satt kvar med mest pengar av alla vid bordet. Kanske är det en form av tilt.

133d place

When you've spent three or more hours, playing really well, you don't want to loose with AAJJ against 333 at 133d place since its 1-130 that gets money in the freerolls at So if you get two pairs and have enough money...when it's 3 ppl left of 4000 until you get money for you effort...don't take the chanse, you might regret it ;)

1$ tournaments

I've just tonight started playing small internet tournaments for a dollar or so each. Sure I win my fair chare of them but really I don't expect to.

You sit down at a table with 9 other people and play until only one of you is left. The winner makes about 3 dollars.

The reason for playing this kind of poker is that you don't really have to win to enjoy it and you can mostly afford to loose a dollar, you spend more then that in an arcade for less pleasure.

You can even play for 1$ against 200 players with a total prizepool of 200$

That's fun ;)

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