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Author: hedda (As usual) Posted: (5904 days ago) Comment to: 1216 by hedda
Subject: Penguins.. Turning into athletics

Then I watched the opening cermony to the European championships in athletics.

It was actually quite fun. Usually these events are so boring. But now they both had a 110-hurdle-runner who sang metal (with Hammerfall), and a fun dialog between the current and previous master of triple jump.

Now we'll see if the superwoman Klüft can crush the other one (They are only 2 that matters in Heptathlon) tomorrow.

My favories will however be to see Jelena jump pole vault and Kajsa to jump high jump. And it would be really fun if Zelezny could do something in javelin, but that will probably only be the Norweegian and the Finn that throw javelins over Sweden...

Oh, and 100 meter hurdles will be fun. I hope it goes well for the cheerful Swedish girl.

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