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University College for the Creative Arts (UCCA)

The university was formed by the merge of Kent Institute of Arts and Design and Surrey Institute of Arts and Design. The website for more information is
The university gives education at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester.

Some information on Farnham Campus:
The campus is mostly important and famous for its BA Animation program. It is also the hardest course in the college. The education gives the importance mostly to bringing out the creative and artistic understanding of the students. A very good history for animation, and animation theory is taught. But it's not the best education for the students who are into traditional cel animation (like Disney style).
But the students are encouraged to use different techniques and materials, so it's a perfect school for the students who want a career in avant-garde & experimental animation.

The library has a very good animation archive, containing VHSs and DVDs.
The opening times of the library is quite restricted though.

The town the campus is in, Farnham, although a nice,quiet place, is also boring after a while. There is no cinema/theatre other than Maltings, a place which shows some films only once a week.
The school union has a disco twice a week, a karaoke night, a rock night, and occasionally (sometimes really good)comedy nights.

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