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Thank you for wanting to help! You can do your wiki the way you want, although I do ask you ensure that a small number of guidelines are followed, just to keep it easy.

If you like, you can do your wiki like a Q&A page, where you wait for people to ask you questions about your subject, or you can design it like a lesson page. The lesson page can either have a Q&A wiki with it or you can do it in the comments box. It may be easier to make a seperate page for it though if this wiki starts to pick up at all in the fall.

Please ensure a link to Linkmeet Academia at the bottom of your page, as well as a way to contact you if the person wants to discuss something through IM instead of on the wiki.

Please also be respectful of the people that come for your assistance. They are comming because they don't know and need help! Don't make fun of them for that!

Other than that, have fun! 

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