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Redeemer University College

Redeemer University College is located in Ancaster, ON in Canada, just on the outskirts of Hamilton, ON. Founded in 1982, it is a liberal arts and sciences university with degrees in some programs up to the honours level. It is a Christian University based on the Reformed tradition though students from all denominations attend. (I myself am non-denominational).

Redeemer is one of the only Universities left in Ontario where you can only apply by mail, not OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Center) and the application fee is much lower than the cost of OUAC. The average class size is 24 but can range between 3 and 100 students, depending on the course.

Redeemer University College is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), and the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).
The University works with McMaster University in Hamilton, ON by allowing students to take courses between the two schools with no additional application required, only a letter from the school.

Redeemer has a dry campus, with both townhouses and apartments available on the premises for first through to final year students (depending on availability). It is manditory for all first years under the age of 21 to stay on campus for their first year unless living with family. Tuition, for those on campus, covers the cost of not only classes and accomidations but also a food plan for the on-campus grocery store. Security is available 24/7 and provides a walk program at night for female students.

Campus Features:
- Built in 1986
- 90 acres
- 1 main academic building
- 43 town house style residences
- 1 three-storey residential apartment building
- 20 senior and married student apartments
- Student recreation centre

Athletic Facilities:
- Beach Volleyball Courts
- Double regulation-sized gymnasium
- Sports Field - soccer
- Squash courts
- Weight/exercise room
- Outdoor tennis and basketball courts

Other Facilities:
- 1,000 seat auditorium
- Art gallery
- Art studios
- Bookstore
- 400 seat cafeteria
- Computer centre
- Computer wired classrooms
- Computer network access from every residence bedroom
- E-mail lounge
- Food store
- Greenhouse
- Language laboratory
- Laundry facilities
- "The Market" foodstore
- music practice rooms
- 2 research centres
- Newly expanded library facilities (the Peter Turkstra Library)

Dooyeweerd Centre for Christian Philosophy
Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies

- Science laboratories
- Student lounge
- Studio theatre
- Williams Coffee pub franchise
All of Redeemer's campus is wheelchair accessible

They also offer many on-campus jobs for those who need/would like one, as well as numerous scholarships from independant donors and the Redeemer Foundation. Redeemer has a 91% placement rate within the first six months of graduation and a 7% rate of those entering graduate school.

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