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sweety_pie69 (first tattoo is frickin' A!!!!!!!!!)

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Name: Alesha


I've lost my wings... can you help me fly?


ABOUT ME...........

umm......well there ain't much to be said I think.......I'm a 17 year old girl (DUH!) living in the township of Langley, I have a sarcastic personality, I'm single, and I'm looking for that special someone. I go to a trades school in abby (CTC), I'm finishing my grade 11 this June, and I have just finished all of my college courses for this year. I love to have a good time, party, drink, but I do have slightly over protective parents, (that's what I get for being the youngest and a girl). But even with me having a party side, I know when to be responsible. My hobbies include reading, writing (poetry, and stories), drawing (mostly anime). I love to be outside, esspecially in the summer, and I love to play games and sports. I like riding my bike and I hope to have lots more time to do so now that my college courses have let up for this year. I like to chat and communicate with other people all the time, but I don't cyber, so please don't ask. I'm a very open-minded person, in both my tastes and my personality. I grew up listening to country music and 80's rock, and I have a wide preference to what kind of music I listen to, although I will listen to pretty much anything. I have two large breed dogs, and four cats. If there is anything that I didn't type and you'd like to know then feel free to ask, I always answer all my messages.

I'm not the kinda girl who "wants ta hook up sometime" i'm the kind that hates herself, but loves everything around her, i would do anything to brighten someones day, even if it ment making me sad.

98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you are one of the 2% who hasn't, copy this into your profile

You may not like my page or think much of me but I really don't care b/c I am who I am and nothing you say or do will change that.

Be yourself! Because....
the people who mind don't matter
and the people who matter don't mind.


I want a guy who will love me for who i am, and not what they want me to be
I want a guy who i can go to crying and him tell me "everything is going to be alright"
I want a guy who i can fall asleep in his arms and know hes watching me
I want a guy who love for me to hug him and not let go
I want a guy who isnt ashamed of being with me
I want a guy who will love me no matter what
I want a guy who wont be ashamed of my comments to him
I want a guy who thinks make up on a gurl isnt natural beauty
I want a guy who will tell me not to wear make up
I want a guy who i can call my own
I want a guy that will look me in the eyes when im crying and tell me im beautiful
I want a guy who deosnt want to change who i am in to what he wants
I want a guy who will hold me anywhere and not be ashamed of me
I Want A Guy Who Will Spend Quaility Time Talking To Me
I want a guy who will kiss me anywhere and not be ashamed of me
I want a guy who understands that my parents are over protective
I want a guy who is honest
I want a guy who doesn't ALWAYS think of sex (I know it's normal to think of it once in a while)
I want a guy who is himself and doesn't think that he has to change for me
I want a guy who won't leave me broken
I want a guy that wont break my heart


I love a guy,
Oh, so much.
I love his soft,
tender touch,

His soft lips,
Beautiful eyes
Glistening off
The morning sunrise.

We watch the sunrise
And the sunset.
But this guy
I've never met.

In my dreams
He's so real.
It's just the way
He makes me feel.

If I could meet
A guy like this,
His every move
I would not miss.

This guy would be,
Oh, so sweet
Holding my hand,
Walking down the street.

He could tell me he loves me
In front of his friends,
Saying what we have
Will never end.

But if it does,
We'll stay together
Just as friends
Always and forever.

This is the guy
I want forever.
If you can find him,
Tell him... I love him.

I must say you are an insiration from the heart,
for you are where my ideas start,
although it maybe tears I cry,
thoughts of you will make them dry,
off my face, begone and away,
thoughts of you shall brighten my day.



-my family
-my friends
-being with someone who likes you for who you are
-sitting on my porch watching the sunset
-horsing around with my bro (when he's not being an ass)
-wrestling (ie. with my friends, not the stuff you see on the T.V.)
-dancing (thus the ddr)
-drinking (socially, not just for the hell of it)
-playing almost any sport! as long as it's fun!
-and I can't forget my baby, Angie!, she's almost 2 YAY! (she's my cat =^.^=)
-Japan!, I luv the culture, the natural beauty, and history. not to mention the sushi is really good to, and it's where anime started! ^_^

- ohh and who can forget.....HELLO KITTY!!!!!!

my favorite animes/mangas are:

Inu yasha-fantasy
Full Metal Alchemist-science fiction
Chobits-science fiction
Record of Lordos war-fantasy
Trigun-Science fiction (my brother even likes this one and he hates anime)
Ranma 1/2-comical romance
Musashi #9-romance/action
Mew Mew Power-fantasy

and many more. that was just a few.


-bitches who feel the absolute need to message me just to insult me and have nothing better to do with their lives, if you really hate me that much when I've never done anything, then please move on to the next page b/c you will be ignored.
-girls that use guys for their own personal gain.
-guys that use girls
-guys that abuse girls! (I don't care if it's play fight b/c I do that all the time with my friends, but the seond it becomes abuse it's a second too late!)
-girls that abuse guys(on purpose)
-drugs, I don't smoke ciggrettes or do pot, but I have friends that do that, so it doesn't bother me, just don't try to get me to do it
-spiders and creepy looking bugs! I am really scared, I'm not just saying this!

Age: 18Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 15

Gender: female

Study program: health and human services

Student status: On a break

Origin: Canada

Origin place: langley township

Place of living: I still live in langley but I attend CTC and UCFV classes in abbotsford

Known languages

Favorite URL:

classicalcountryhip hop

Other interests
beerbookscard games
chasing the preferred sexchesscooking
crime storiesdancingdogs
interior designmotorcyclesneedlework
politicspornrole playing

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Height: 157

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