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Written about Tuesday 2008-12-30
Written: (4649 days ago)

Photos from my Christmas:

http://www.elftown.com/_swedish%20yule%20lunch (See the next and previous links!)

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Written about Wednesday 2008-09-03
Written: (4766 days ago)

Blärg! So boring the Kalasmottagningen 2008 was! Well, the first part with making coffee and trying to give VG more members was nice. There were also some dancers (dancing in overåls!) that were quite good. Otherwise it was boring and the bastards didn't want to let people sit with their friends if they for some reason had the wrong colour of their ticket. Sick system as there were plenty of space everywhere! Maybe they changed it later and let everyone go where they wanted, or the guards just stopped looking.

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Written about Thursday 2008-03-27
Written: (4927 days ago)

Malta, here I come!

I'm going to Malta on Sunday morning and I'm coming back Wednesday afternoon. I'm going with my parents, so there will be no loads of partying and stuff, just some normal tourist activities that don't include the beach.
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Written about Saturday 2007-12-08
Written: (5036 days ago)

If you speak Swedish, I would strongly recommend http://adventsmysteriet.se/

It's a little slow in the beginning, but now it's taking off.

If you don't speak Swedish the story is pretty much lost, but the general export, the drink-mixing Björn Wedell is just as fun as the Swedish muppet chief, but he's actually speaking Swedish. Word to know is "tumregel" = "rule of thumb". "gott" = "tasty". "jättegott" = "very tasty". That's about it...

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-29
Written: (5138 days ago)

And for you who don't know how to make "smörgåstårta" (sandwich cake): Mats Kronbergs smörgåstårta

In Swedish, of course!

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Written about Tuesday 2007-07-24
Written: (5174 days ago)

Blärgh! :(

My bike got stolen today or tonight. A pretty new cheap white-black Biltema bike with a straight frame.

It's the bike in the middle here: <img300*0:stuff/z/1/SOF2007Thursday/p1010014.jpg>

Of course I had forgotten to write down the number of the frame and take a good image of it.

And on Saturday, Lina's bike parked outside here, that I was supposed to sell now, was also stolen. So there is a lot of bandits walking around and stealing bikes here now.

My old Linkmeet-bike is still here though.
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Written about Sunday 2007-07-15
Written: (5182 days ago)

Some photos from Livija (Now i Vienna, she was here in Linköping before):


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Written about Monday 2007-04-09
Written: (5280 days ago)


I've been partying a little, as you can see on the links in my presentation. Otherwise I've tried to work, but slowly. It's what I usually do during Easter. Just getting away from stress of both having fun or other things that have to be done, to work with stuff that I really want to.

Right now Sonic and Kali are visiting me and Lilo:
Sonic and Lilo aren't getting along that well, but no real fights yet.
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Written about Monday 2007-02-26
Written: (5322 days ago)

Rebuilding my bathroom

The have started to fix my bathroom. Here are some images:
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Written about Thursday 2007-02-15
Written: (5333 days ago)

Poor construction-workers...

We should feel sorry for them. The reason is that I want to blow their heads off, even if it's not their fault. They are destroying all chances of good sleep and nice working during 3 weeks now. After that they will will destroy my flat for 3 weeks!

My plan was to try to travel somewhere else during Monday-Friday, but now I've read that they are going to cut the power now and then. Grrrr! That means I have to be here and see to that everything goes well with that.

So they are totally destroying about a month of my life and what do I get back? A bloody fatter bill every month!
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Written about Monday 2007-01-29
Written: (5350 days ago)

I really love this drink:


It's more like a cream than a drink though.

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Written about Monday 2006-12-18
Written: (5391 days ago)

Not much really...

It's a very slow day today. I'm reading stuff and should fix a bunch of small stuff here and there on the sites.

I still haven't bought any christmas presents <img:img/mood/126_1117659233.gif>

On Thursday I'm going to my parents in Ljusdal. I'll be back at lunchtime on the 28th.
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Written about Friday 2006-12-08
Written: (5401 days ago)

Time to go to Herrgårn and try to take some pictures for the Christmas Party Contest.

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Written about Monday 2006-11-06
Written: (5434 days ago)


I'm going to my parents in Ljusdal (400 km to the north in the forest) the 21st of December. I've never been going so early for at least 10 years and I hope that I'm not signing up for a lot of Christmas preparations now...
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Written about Friday 2006-10-13
Written: (5458 days ago)
Comment in 639

Not much...

I'm eating an apple and am on my way to Ättestupan for some "fika".

I've slept and then fixed small things and read logs and similar boring stuff today. Ordered some late presents for [Sunrose].

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Written about Saturday 2006-09-16
Written: (5485 days ago)


I've been out running. I was aiming at take it very easy and train technique, but I got totally exhaused anyway.

Now some bath while hoping that I don't pass out in the tub...
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Written about Friday 2006-09-01
Written: (5500 days ago)

I've been having [Faëry] here for a couple of days. Much partying and walking. Now I need rest.

We had a great time though! Jag hoppas vi ses igen snart! (I hope we see each other soon again)

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Written about Saturday 2006-08-26
Written: (5505 days ago)

Very long day...

I was out and drinking on "Svarta" - the black day. It's when all previous party-makers are out and drink all day. I'll put up some photos tomorrow. There is a huge bunch of them!

I went home at 19 already and then tried to sleep, but didn't succeed that well. But I'lll try again now.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-08-09
Written: (5523 days ago)

More Lithuanians...

Today I'll meet three more Lithuanians. [sunflower] and her friend Lena and then also Livija that only is coming here for a few days to do exams.

The poor girls had to wait 2 hours at Skavsta Airport because the bus just left 10 minutes before they arrived. And it's much worse for me, because now I have to record the Athletics! And tonight there are a lot of interesting stuff with javelin, female tripple jump and then mostly male highh jump with Holm and Törnblad.
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Written about Sunday 2006-08-06
Written: (5525 days ago)

In a few hours the European Athlects Championships start, so be warned that I'll babble a lot about it here and there => [1217]

Sad to not see the American and African runners, but on the other hand we'll see some new faces now. In the other events it will be pretty close to a world championship.

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