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2007-01-26 22:42:26
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Christmas Party Contest

Welcome to the Christmas Party Contest! Here is your chance to show what wild party animals you can be at Christmas with all your friends. We would like to see what you get up to during your Christmas parties whether it be getting totally legless and stumbling home drunk or if you and your friends just have a quiet get together, it doesn't matter what you do for it's Christmas!



1) ALL WORK MUST BE DONE BY YOURSELF. This means no photographs that have been randomly found on the internet or are taken from another member.

2) ALL ENTRIES MUST BE BASED ON THE THEME THAT IS SET. The current theme is "Christmas Parties" and is a photography contest. If the photograph does not seem to fit in the eyes of the judges, the photographer will be contacted via personal message and to explain how their photographs fits the theme. But over all the judges have the final say.


4) MUST SHOW YOU ARE HAVING FUN! What is the point at being at a party if you aren't having fun? So be happy and smile and show your Christmas spirit!

5) ALL PHOTOS MUST BE UPLOADED TO LINKMEET. All photographs must be uploaded to linkmeet and to save you time just upload a folder of images. See Uploading images and How to create a zip-file for more details.


Entry dates

All entries must be in by the 2006-12-27



The winner of this contest will recieve donor privs which will allow you to use coloured text on your house page



Christmas Party Submissions



First Place: [hedda] - Christmas Parties

Second Place: [Firenze] - Coombeshead College Christmas Bash 2006!


We wish you all the luck in winning and hope you have fun at your Christmas Party and lastly Merry Christmas ^_^


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2006-11-28 [hedda]: Ehum! Should a submission be one photo or a wiki-page with a set of photos? As far as I can see from the rules, both is accepted now so I guess we allow both kinds of submissions.

2006-11-28 [Firenze]: I think both should be allowed as some people might not like to put up all their photographs...

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