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Written about Sunday 2004-10-03
Written: (6266 days ago)

Kali seems to feel very OK today ;-)

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Written about Saturday 2004-10-02
Written: (6267 days ago)

Kali became very sick yesterday at about 19 o'clock Swedish time (17, Elftown time). She peed in her pants (sort of), puked, was very dizzy, would not move and hided.

She gradually became better during the night and found more open places to rest on, but continued to move as little as possible. Today she has been eating, walking and jumping, but still feels pretty bad.

As far as I can see, it's some sort of sickness because something bad that she ate. Some food that had gone bad or bad water from the plants.

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Written about Monday 2004-09-13
Written: (6286 days ago)

Not much happening today. Just cleaning up and failed to do something more productive than putting Lilo on the Mainstreet which is now Myaustreet.

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Written about Saturday 2004-09-04
Written: (6295 days ago)

I've been doing some talk about Linkmeet yesterday, and it got it's second member ;-)

Appart from that, I've been fixing some small bugs and reading stuff. And watched the Finnkamp of course!

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