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Linkmeet was created as a community for Linköping students, but has expended to be an international community for university and college students and former students. Linkmeet only accepts members that can write English well.

There are advanced forums that keep track of what you have read and you can make your own private forum, guestbooks, possibility to make polls, write and read in a pretty advanced wiki.

The wiki can be used for photo-albums, information-pages, your own private notes and you can restrict access to it in a couple of ways.

Most wikis and forums can be read by non-members, but to see all or write something, you have to log in as a member. As a member, you'll be notified when new postings are written or your favorite wiki-pages updated.



Linkmeet is built on the same core as Elftown with its fantasy wiki which is a big well-tested community with over 18 000 active members and has been running since 2002-02-06. Here are Linkmeet's public members.

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