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Medieval Cellarwalk

This is a tour through the medieval cellars in Linköping arranged by Linköping's Guideclub (

More info about the houses can be found on
Folke Filbyter, the ugliest guy in town. And [Asmodena] eating ice cream. Stora Torget (The Big Square) and the hotel in the background.
Not our guide, but the other one.
Our guide.
The first cellar (the houses are far from medieval. Only the cellar is).
Down in that cellar.
[hedda] in the cellar.
A drive-through gate that is sealed now.
And down there they have electrical equipment...
The house from the front. During the medieval times, prominent church people lived there, if I remember correctly.
The house is "bending" in the edge. It's because it's two houses that are joined. We're standing on the old medieval main road through Linköping. The stones on it are 80 years old (and very uncomfortable) though.
Linköping Cathedral.
The east towers. Note that they aren't that much "east" as the drunk people who built the church had no idea exactly where east and west are...
Linköping castle.
And the cathedral in the background.
And inside the castle garden in the same direction.
And under the castle we have a nice old 12th century cellar!
They have put up some old stuff there. (Sorry about the shake, battery problems)
Well... Very old stones. Archaeologists will continue to dig here when they get more money.
The vault. It's from the 15th century and not as old as the rest of the cellar.
More of the old stuff that they found in the well in this cellar.
[hedda] going down into the cellar under Konsistoriehuset.
And in this little cellar priest and such can go down and meditate and some have even got married here.
Another cellar.
Spiders! There are very few of these spiders left, so these are protected.
The drop there is the spider's work.
Inside Berzelius' house (Also called the Stone Museum). It's not a church and there hasn't been a monastery or convent around here as people thought until 2003.

/ [hedda]

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