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2006-08-26 23:40:22
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This is just an idea, but since this is a community for academics, why not also have an area where academics can come together and help each other on topics? Why not have a Linkmeet version of the Elftown Academy? If this sounds like something you would like to help with and be involved with, please message me ([Child of God]) and let me know.

If you would like to help with a subject please

Start Here

Then add your name to the

Academics List

with what you will be helping with.





English/Literature Studies






If you can help in an area that is not listed here, please message [Child of God] and I will create an area for it. However, please check to make sure it hasn't already been put down in another sub-division.

Username (or number or email):


2006-07-07 [Child of God]: Hey for anyone who might stop by: I'm artistically challenged. Horribly so. Perhaps that's why I'm a History major -_- . Anyway, if anyone would be willing to donate their talent and make a banner and/or graphics, I'd be forever in your debt and 100% credit goes only to you! (I'd make you something as a thank you, but that would just be an insult to your talent ^-^')

2006-07-08 [The Wolf]: I hope you don't mind I made some changes-

2006-07-08 [Child of God]: They look great! Thanks so much! ^-^

2006-07-12 [hedda]: I think it's a wrong approach to divide content you do not have yet into groups. All those links are empty, and if there should come some content on one of them, no one will notice.

This page just looks good, but it's an empty shell and a copy of something that is done better at Elftown.

To make this work, I think it has to be stripped down (All links to empty pages removed) and it must have a page that is worth visiting (unique and with good information).

As for now: This is a concept-page and an idea of how the page might look in the future, but it's not marked as such.

So I suggest that first we put the empty pages under a headline "Suggested subjects".

And we should also

2006-07-12 [hedda]: have some ideas of how to make pages more interesting. Like competitions in the subject pages or something. With "idea" I mean an implemented idea, of course ;)

2006-07-14 [The Wolf]: *puts on her implementing boots*

2006-07-15 [Child of God]: Thanks for the ideas [hedda]! I really didn't know where to begin with this, so any suggestions are great! ^-^

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