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2006-01-06 18:20:48
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Firenze for Crew



Hello, my name is Kelly Winsor, I am 17 years old and am repeating my first year of sixth form at Coombeshead College, before you ask why I am repeating my first year of sixth form, it is because I was terribly ill for my first year so therefore I gained rubbish grades and now have to repeat year twelve and stay on an extra year but this has not disheartened me as I have made new friends in the year below me. The subjects of which I am studying this year are Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, and within each of those subjects I am one of the top students. But on the other hand I did pass my NCTJ Journalism exam, and can write good quality news reports.

I can speak English extremely well as it is my mother tongue so there is no problem there. At my sixth form I help out arranging different things as well as manage the production side of things in Radio Coombeshead, which is our college radio station. I am not just a newbie to Heddate sites as you can see from my list of jobs below this section, I am just willing to work hard on anything I think is fun.


What I currently do...

At this current moment in time on Elfpack and Elf12 I am:

- A Council member on both sites.
- A Guard (Elf12)
- A Poem Boss on both sites
- A Harbringer (Elfpack)
- The Organiser in Trivia (Elfpack)
- A Daily Goof (Elfpack)
- A member of the Contest Crew (Elfpack)
- A Contractor (Elfpack)
- A Poet (Elfpack)
- A Riddler (Elf12)
- A Donator of Art (Elf12)
- Mainstreet Boss (Elf12)

I do have priv 14 on both Elfpack and Elf12 and so therefore familiar with how the functions work

In real life at college and out of college:
- I am a member of the Student Council
- I am the Production Manager of Radio Coombeshead
- I run regular Duelling Tournaments (Yu-Gi-Oh duelling, yeah I know it is immature but it is a hobby)
- I help teach PE and Science lessons

And there is a lot more that I do but it will take a couple weeks to type out *laughs*


What do I want to do and why?

In short, I like to help out where ever I can, whether it be directing a newbie to a help wiki or answering a question, right up to building wiki's for all to use, I have most recently built on linkmeet Revision Tips! and am hoping it will come in handy. I do have a good knowledge of the Uploading Art Rules so I can make good reports for guards to deal with or in the case of Elf12 deal with reports. I can also use forums and I know how to create polls. So all in all, I don't mind if I am given a ranking position or just told to do grunt work, I will get whatever done when asked to do and on occassions will come up with the odd idea or two. I am an easy person to get along with and enjoy talking to people so there is no problem there. Whilst I am here I am determined to fill Linkmeet Graphics as it is pratically bare except for a few things donated by myself and [joe64]. I will also work on making linkmeet official pages not so boring and weird, they should look more official, than they are. All in all Linkmeet is dull and I want to make it more inviting for students. As for the length of time, I will keep on working for as long as you need me. So if I become council, guard or whatever, I will do my best to keep improving the site and make it more interesting for students and academics.


If you want to know anything else or want me to do anything just send me a message.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and Good day!



If you think I would do a good job then lend me your support and I won't let you down

1) [Nita]
2) [Orestez]


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2005-12-25 [Firenze]: I hope this is what you are looking for ^_^

2005-12-28 [Firenze]: Thank you [Nita] ^_^

2005-12-28 [Nita]: I couldn't resist ;)

2005-12-28 [Firenze]: *smiles* Your support is much appreciated ^_^

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