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Coping on the Day



- Revision Tips!
- Revision Stress
- Coping with Revision Stress
- Exams
- Night Before
- Coping on the Day



- All the instructions carefully so you know how many questions to answer, what they're worth and which ones are compulsory.
- All the questions and avoid leaping on the first 'easy' one you spot.
- And beware questions you recognise from past papers, they may have been subtly changed.


- Which questions you want to answer and in what order.
- How much time you've got for each one - put your watch in front of you and try and stick to your timings.
- A quick bullet-list of points to give you a handy structure for essay questions.
- To use any spare time you have at the end of the exam for checking through your answers.


- Answers to the questions that have actually been set, not the ones you'd hoped to see.
- As concisely as possible. Keep to the point.
- As neatly but also as quickly as you can. Try not to spend too long on any single question, however much you get into it.
- A concise list of what you would have put in your answer if you find yourself running out of time, that way you should still score some points.


- Cheating. It's not worth the stress and you're bound to get caught.
- Panicking. Sometimes your brain takes time to find facts. Calmly re-read the paper and you'll soon get back into gear.


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