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The council's work is to update the news and handle other things on Linkmeet.

Council Members:

[hedda] Boss, programmer
[Nita] Beaver
[Orestez] Wiki and graphics boss (See ore for his work)
[Firenze] Competitions and happenings boss
[shotokan_gal] Guard and stuff by accident...

See also: guards

See apply to the crew if you want to get your hands dirty.

Username (or number or email):


2004-09-09 [Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky]: Can I become a member of the Council?

2004-09-12 [The Dark lord]: Would i be able to be part of the council?

2004-09-13 [Mortis]: hi i would like to become part of the council?

2004-09-13 [Dark_Kite]: wow steven...

2004-09-14 [Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky]: What? I want to be able to boss people arounf, LIKE YOU! Plus Ive always wanted to be an Elftown Guard, this just seems a lot easier

2004-09-14 [Dark_Kite]: haha i guess that is true...i think theres only 50-something people here...

2004-09-14 [Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky]: DUH!

2004-09-14 [Dark_Kite]: lol i wanta become a council member too...PLUS i've made a thingamabobber for linkmeet

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