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Skäggetorp in a suburb to Linköping. For students it's mostly known for Systembolaget (The store where you can buy alcohol, see and about this shop. Note: The shop is moving to Tornby 2007-11-12!)

So how to get to Skäggetorp from Ryd,Linköping? Well, you get a map, but you can also look at these photos:

<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010001.jpg> The is the tunnel under Rydsvägen between Rydsvägen 264 and Björnkärrsgatan 1.
(Map: and

<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010002.jpg> Then we go through that tunnel to the north into Villa-Ryd. Straight ahead is Björnkärrsskolan ("skolan"="school")
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010003.jpg> And then the long straight bike-road throw Villa-Ryd.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010004.jpg> It's looong.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010005.jpg> Yes, long!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010006.jpg> But it ends finally. Turn right there!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010007.jpg> Like this.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010008.jpg> Just follow the bike-road.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010010.jpg> The slope between Ryd and Skäggetorp. This way it's pretty nice to bike. The train-bridge is ahead.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010011.jpg> We've just passed the train-brigde and here to the left is a camping with a bath, Glyttingebadet. Don't know if it's still is up and running.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010012.jpg> Then the slope continues
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010013.jpg> And continues...
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010014.jpg> And... Well, you get the picture!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010016.jpg> It finally ends in a crossroads. You have Skäggetorp on the other side, even though that is a park.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010017.jpg> To the left. That road goes around Skäggetorp. You have to go that way if you have a car.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010018.jpg> Or this way to the right, because those two ways actually meet on the other side of Skäggetorp.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010019.jpg> But I'm biking, so we can go straight ahead!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010020.jpg> Like this.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010021.jpg> Turn right here.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010022.jpg> Like this.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010024.jpg> A view to the left.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010025.jpg> Go straight ahead!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010026.jpg> Up that steep, but short slope.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010029.jpg> Turn left there.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010030.jpg> A playing ground to the left.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010031.jpg> Skäppetorp centre is behind those trees. The sign points where you have to go. (And to Ryd, where I came from.)
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010033.jpg> So we go in that direction.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010034.jpg> There we turn right. Turn right at the next road if you want to go to Ikea and Tornby instead of to Skäggetorp centre.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010035.jpg> And that high building is Skäggetorp centrum!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010037.jpg> The parking is under the mall.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010042.jpg> Open-hours for the mall.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010043.jpg> Opening-hours for Willy's, the grocery-store.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010047.jpg> The have a Nordea Bankomat.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Skaggetorp/p1010053.jpg> Systembolaget (Note: The shop is moving to Tornby 2007-11-12!) and the drugstore (Apoteket)

These images are free for any kind of use.

/ [hedda]

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2007-03-10 Ceilidh: this was great!
very easy to follow!
thank you!

2007-03-10 [hedda]: You're welcome! ;)

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